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We have vast sectoral and multidisciplinary capabilities enabling us to provide a complete range of consulting services through our organization.

Our services include:

• Project/Program Management Consulting (PMC) -> Services normally include assisting our Clients to improve their practice of project and program management. We can propose highly skilled, multi-disciplinary teams that include professionals with extensive global experience in tender evaluation, project management, design management, construction supervision, contracts administration, commissioning and handover, defect liability period management, as well as risks management, claims avoidance and disputemanagement.

• Construction supervision -> Acting as an extension of our clients, we provide complete and objective oversight, evaluation, and reporting of the Contractor’s performance and quality. Our construction supervision procedures and methods are well established and have a proven track record. These procedures and methods are designed to anticipate problems and conflicts so that they can be precluded or resolved quickly. We have effective construction supervision procedures for project administration, construction cost control, contract administration, submittal review and on-site construction facilities.

• Engineering Design, Planning & Feasibility -> Relying on high qualified experts in civil, structural, electrical, mechanical, hydraulic and chemical engineering, geology, soil science, agriculture, economics, architecture, urban and transport planning and sociology, we are able to tackle any project phase, from feasibility to detailed design. When it is required, outside advisers and consultants are brought in from universities, scientific institutes, research groups and other agencies in Italy and abroad.

• Advisory Services & Technical Assistance -> We are able to provide to Municipalities and other public Authorities our support for engineering and architectural design reviews and approvals as an independent third party reviewer to assist bringing to completion as expeditiously as possible studies and design engineering projects or consulting contracts. We deal with training, technical and bureaucratic-administrative activities in relation to procedures laid down by law, analysis of economic-financial instruments and support or development programmes.