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Since its establishment, Italconsult has demonstrated an unremitting commitment in performing large-scale environmental-friendly engineering studies and projects. This has allowed us to develop a method of analysis and intervention based on an interdisciplinary assessment of the various components of development that has been applied to a large number of projects. It includes methodologies for evaluating and choosing possible design alternatives in relation to their expected physical, economic and cultural impact, and it involves techniques such as simulation, modelling, analysis, and cost benefit estimates, which have now been brought up to a fine degree of perfection.

Our Company has thus acquired experience in environmental works (evaluation of impact, insertion of structures, protection and mitigation measures) at all levels. All this information and know-how can now be made available to meet the growing demand for a cultural environmental policy and to guide and control a country's development, taking due account of the institutional and legislative advances on a national and international level.

Accumulated experience is extremely important for a consulting engineering company operating on worldwide scale, since every effort is made to ensure the sustainability of the development with the preservation and conservation of the natural, historical and cultural heritage.

Noteworthy projects for their intrinsic characteristics are the following:


  • •studies on the evaluation of the environmental impact in the towns of Hubei Province (China) due to the large gas consumption for domestic and industrial purposes;
  • •planning studies and the preliminary design of measures for the environmental protection of Syr Darya and the Aral Sea in Kazakhstan;
  • •studies for the evaluation of impact with respect to the laying of the submarine pipelines for the water supply of islands along the coast of Abu Dhabi, U.A.E.;
  • •studies for the functional and environmental upgrading of the last 2 km of National Road 26 before the access to the Mont Blanc Tunnel in the region of Val d’Aosta (Italy);
  • •studies for the evaluation of impact and protection/conservation of the environment in various very sensitive areas of Italy for the construction of new transportation infrastructure.