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  • Using the past to work
    towards a future of innovation
    and quality


Our history is rooted in the fabulous 50’s. It was only in 1957, in fact, that ITALCONSULT S.p.A. was founded.

The company was not established in the light of a specific initiative to face, or of a “business request” that was arduous to give up. Instead, it was established on the basis of a typical product characterized by elation, enthusiasm, and trust in ourselves and our capabilities. This was an attitude shared by many Italians in that age. The promoters of the company, in fact, had a sole, noble, declared driving force: having a “business card” for the techno-economic and organizational capabilities and entrepreneurial tradition to represent the values of Italian industries and work ethic to the rest of the world.

ITALCONSULT’s international vocation, therefore, is not a recent discovery, or a contrived initiative to do business during the long, pitiful, cyclic Italian economic crisis, but it is imprinted in its DNA.

We believe the founders’ intent when building ITALCONSULT was not to divulge the Ancient Roman genius and construction capabilities, as too much time had passed since that age. A closer and more credible reference, instead, could have been the architectonic and urban masterpieces of the Renaissance, which made Italy the country of the “one hundred cities”. However, also this reference, for entrepreneurs, could have had the annoying and old-fashioned scent of mere rhetoric. Instead, there were more recent and credible examples to invest capital and human resources in the innovative skills and fertile creativity of contemporary Italian engineers and architects: they were those that had contributed to the modern “città pontine”, Mussolini’s Forum, and works in many Italian squares that almost seemed there to create a background for De Chirico’s “Muse Inquietanti” (or viceversa?).

Many people’s noses could turn up at these references and quotes, especially in an academic world permeated by excessive traditionalism, but they have left a mark and defined an era. Those engineers, those architects, those sculptors were there, and they were alive and active. They had years of experience but were ready to spring into action for new challenges. It was in those professionals that ITALCONSULT was investing to face new endeavors.