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Updating Transportation Master Plan for Qatar Package 3: Qatar Strategic Transportation Model (QSTM)


• Review and assessment of existing and current data, conditions, models, literatures and policies
• Qatar Strategic Transportation Model (QSTM) development

Whole State of Qatar

Ministry of Transport and Communication (MOTC)

Completion Date:

• Transportation planning;
• Engineering, design and modelling;
• Expertise in the preparation, development, testing, analyzing and optimizing guidelines, regulation, policies and transport programs

The program Updating Transportation Master Plan for Qatar (TMPQ), launched in 2016 by the Ministry of Transportation & Communication (MOTC) of Qatar, is composed by several packages:

1 - Data Collection, Inventories Surveys; 

2 - Assistance Consultancy Services;

3 - Updating Qatar Strategic Transportation Model (QSTM);

4 - Updating of the Transportation Master Plan for Qatar (TMPQ).

Italconsult has been awarded in 2017 as Consultant to develop the Package 3 - Updating QSTM which will use the innovative Activity Based Model (ABM) approach.

Many ABM have been developed in the world, but this is the first time that the ABM will be used as a full integrated tool in a Transportation Model and used in Transportation and Public Transport Master Plans. The ABM has the ability to reproduce the real behavior of each individual based on his activity. For this reason the Updating QSTM will be more reliable and realistic than others.

The updated Transportation Master Plan will be used by Government Ministries and Agencies to effectively prepare transportation policies and guidelines, to plan an optimized and adequate transportation system and facilities, and to manage and control transportation demand and supply. In addition, it will be used by developers, consultants, planners, traffic engineers, and review agencies to design and construct transportation system networks and facilities.

Provided services include:

- Review of Existing and current Documents in the State

- Literature Review of International Best Practices

- Collection of Stakeholder Input

- Transport Assessment Framework

- Model Upgrade, Development and Update

- Base Year Modeling

- Calibration and Validation

- Horizon Years Modeling

- Development of Network and Policy Scenarios

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