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Post Contract Professional General and Site Supervision and Q.S. Consultancy Services for Developement of Roads in Block 1300


Key Facts:
• General Supervision
• Site Supervision
• Quality Assurance Program
• Post Contract Quality Surveying
• Project Manager Services
• Inspection of Drawings and Documents
• As Built Drawings and Records

3 km to the North of Doha


Public Works Authority - Infrastructure Affairs

Completion Date:

Length of the roads is 35.4 km

The Project site is located approximately 3 km to the North of Doha, south of Qatar University, and in consists of a partially developed residential area where numerous new developments are under construction including a temporary road network.

The Project is bordered by Malkhiya Street and Arab League Street from the south and west respectively, and by Khafji Street and Jamaia from the north and East respectively.

The works comprise the construction of all roads in the project, composed of packages 1,2,3,4 & 5.

The approximate Length of the roads according to relevant packages is 35.4 km with different dimensions of the corridors.

The works consists of, but are not limited to, the following:

- Site Clearance

- Surface Water Drainage

- Foul Sewerage Networks

- Earthworks

- Granular – Sub Base

- Asphalt Works

- Kerbing Works, footpaths, & paved areas

- Traffic signs & road markings

- Public Utility Services, provision for future services, diversions & protection of existing:

     - Water works, full networks

     - Street lighting, full networks

     - Q-tel works, full networks

     - Electricity Works

The construction of sewerage and surface water drainage including micro-tunneling with total length of 2745 lm RC-GRP lined jacking pipe.

Dia 200 mm – 1070 lm; Dia 300 mm – 680 lm; Dia 400 mm – 95 lm.