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Internal Roads at Various Locations in Al Ain – Stage 21


• Preparation of Preliminary & Detailed Deign
• Preparation of Tender documents as per FIDIC Conditions
• Construction Supervision (as the “Engineer” in terms of FIDIC conditions) involving inter alia:
a) Inspections and measurements of works
b) Checking and certification of Contractors’ works and preparation of bills for payment
c) Settlement of claims
d) Progress monitoring and quality control
e) Control during Defects Liability Period
• Contract Management
• Advising Client on financial matters pertaining to the operation of contract agreement

Al Ain

United Arab Emirates

Al Ain City Municipality

Completion Date:

• Roads – Length 34 km


The project consists of Roads Works, parking, storm water, street lighting, water and sewerage  network  for the above mentioned areas.

These works are performed to improve the road network in Al Ain areas.


The project is related to the construction of Internal Roads, approximately 34 km, at various locations in Al Ain such as

  • Mezyad 53+4+57
  • Al Dhaher 55+33+6+5
  • Umm Ghafa 7+36
  • Al Sarooj 22+58
  • Al Zakher ext+1+2
  • Shiab Al Ashkar 26+27
  • Al Sanaiya 34
  • Al Aqhabia 21 & Neima 14

The scope of works for the project is:

  • Internal Roads & Parking in Various locations with Road Furniture
  • Soft & Hard Landscaping
  • Street Lighting network
  • Storm water drainage network
  • ADSSC, Sewer Drainage works
  • AADC, Water and Electrical works
  • Services & other Miscellaneous works