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Catania Siracusa Highway


• Construction Supervision



General Contractor:
Impresa Pizzarotti e C.S.p.A.

Completion date:
December 2015

• total length 24.6 Km
• 2 carriageways with 2-lane 3.75 m each
• 3 road interchanges
• 8 twin-tubes, totaling 8.8 Km
• 12 viaducts totaling 4.2 Km


As a natural extension of the Messina - Catania Highway, the Catania - Siracusa runs for 25 km along the Ionian Sea in the Catania Gulf and the promontory of the Augusta Gulf.

It was planned to become an alternative to the National Road 114 “Orientale Sicula”, which was characterized by high traffic congestion and poor safety conditions. The new highway will allow a high quality level of service in terms of speed, comfort and safety for the connection of the three main towns of Eastern Sicily (Messina, Catania and Siracusa).


The Catania-Siracusa highway, between the site of Passo Martino, on the western services axis (bypass) of Catania, and the Km 130+400 of the NR 114 at Villasmundo interchange, is characterized from the geomorphological and hydraulic viewpoints by the presence of various watercourses (among which the Simeto, main river of Eastern Sicily, the Gornalunga and S. Leonardo rivers) as well as a close-knit network of reclamation canals.

The highway, designed according to the standards for type A1 of the new Italian Norms for roads and highways, has the following cross-section: 2 carriageways with 2-lane of 3,75 m each, plus 3,0 m emergency lanes and 4,0 m median for a total roadway width of 25,0 m and includes various important structures, such as:

  • • 5 twin tunnels totaling 5,888 m, among which S. Demetrio tunnel 3,000 m long and Filippella tunnel 1,303 m long;
  • • 3  twin galleries (cuts and covering) totaling 2,763 m , plus 1 single 158 m long; and
  • • 12 viaducts totaling 4,163 m, with  spans ranging from 40 m to 120 m.