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Algeria East West Highway, Lot East


• Design review
• Construction Supervision

Constantine, Algeria


A.N.A. (National Highways Authority)

Completion date:
On going

•48 bridges/viaducts for a total length of 5130 m
•3 natural tunnels for a total length of 4635 m
•1 artificial tunnel for a total length of 200 m
•211 over/under passes for a total length of 10.450 m
•750 hydraulic structures
•20 interchanges


The East-West Highway, with its length of 927 km, running from the border of Morocco to the border of Tunisia, is the Algerian Section of the Maghreb  Highway  connecting Northern African countries from Morocco to Egypt.

The Lot East measures 399 km in lenght and runs from Bordj Bon Arreridj lo Tunisian  border: it has a typical cross section  of 2x3-lane, 3.50 m each  plus  shoulders  and  median  about  5.0 m width;  it includes 48 bridges/viaducts totaling about 5,130 m (average length viaducts 130m, bridges 35m); 3 natural tunnels (twin-tubes)   295 m, 1,840 m and 2,500 m in length and  1 artificial tunnel  200m; 211 over/under passes, totaling  about 10,450 m (50 m average length overpasses  and 45 m underpasses) and  about 750 hydraulic structures (box and pipe culverts). 20 interchanges are also included. The highway crosses various areas with poor  geomorphological  and  geotechnical  conditions,  such  as: landslide  zones,  zones subjects to floods, and  compressible  terrains  that have created many  problems  during construction and influenced progress of works.

We are providing project control including examination, control and approval (or rejecting) by visa of the detailed/working drawings prepared by the Contractor before the construction of concerned works; technical assistance to ANA (National Highway Agency), quality control and monitoring of construction works, quality management,   inspection of works,  control and approval of materials, training courses in Italy in tunnel construction and management, and in Algeria in Information Technologies (software Primavera) and checking of payment certificates, assistance for claims, the like up to taking over certificate.