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CEO of Italconsult Prof. Antonio Bevilacqua releases an interview to Il Sole 24 ore

Italy (1 January 2018)

“Italconsult’s clients are the Contracting Authorities of big works; e.g. Governments which appoint the great multi-national Companies for the realization of roads and airports, hospitals and oil pipelines, railways and gas pipelines. We oversee times, monitor risks and keep costs under control. The Construction Companies are our counterparts”


“Italconsult’s employees in its own Country are 200, in addition to 1,150 people working in the overseas branch offices. Apart a small quota of administrative staff, all of them are Engineers. 40% is women. Over eight frontline managers who follow the strategy and plan activities, five of them are women. The 95% of our turnover – 100 million Euros – comes from overseas Countries.